Inktober and progress on an old project


I felt a little under the weather this past weekend, which was really unfortunate since I had a lot of projects I’d planned to work on. But, after an especially exciting session of Dungeons and Dragons Sunday night, I was inspired to draw a mimic treasure chest for Inktober, and do some more painting on my half-orc bard character!

I was even more excited to start rendering my D&D character after I downloaded this excellent set of wet media brushes for Manga Studio 5. The brushes are a little tedious to install (they must be installed one by one), but, I think, well worth it for only $6!

nux rendering WIP color collage
Full body and detail shots of Nux, my half-orc bard

I’m really in love with the watercolor brushes especially, but all of the brushes in the pack are very high quality. I’m considering doing a review of them sometime, so, if you draw with Manga Studio 5 and are looking for affordable brush packs made up of natural brushes, check back on this post and I’ll paste a link here once I publish the review.

Anyway! As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about the progress I’ve made with my character art so far, but I still have a ways to go before I’m finished and satisfied with the rendering. Looking forward to posting more updates on this (and my other projects) as soon as I’m feeling better.

Oh, and! Nearly forgot to share a piece of very good news: I just found out that my Krampus artwork was accepted into the art show in Elgin! Very excited to get him framed up and make some prints.


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