New projects and lots of drawing!

I’m really excited this week, because I have a handful of really cool projects either in the works or coming up soon. November is looking like it’ll be a pretty busy month, especially since I ambitiously decided to crochet some of the Christmas presents this year… but more on that in a couple of weeks.

inktober collage_9First up, I finally made some more headway on the Inktober challenge. Even though it’s not technically October any more, I still have some fun concepts I want to draw, and I’m loving working with my microns again, so I think it still counts! These two designs are for days 22 and 23 of the challenge, so I’m not too far away from completing all 31 drawings.

krampus collage1
Line work and rough flat colors on my Krampus design

Also, I found out earlier this week that the gallery I showed work in last month is having another call for submissions for a Krampus-themed art show. I’m a big fan of the legend of the Krampus, who is a devil-like creature that acts as a sort of anti-Santa and punishes bad children at Christmastime (read the Wiki article here), so I immediately started brainstorming ideas. The only downside? The submission deadline is next Monday, meaning I’ll likely only have time to submit one completed piece by that time.

But, in the few days I’ve had to work on my submission, I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with so far! I struggled with creating a harmonious palette a little at first, but I’m mostly satisfied with how the colors look together, and I feel like the line work is solid. Plus, he’s very creepy looking, which is a big plus when it comes to drawing monsters. This weekend will more than likely be dedicated to adding detailing and finishing touches, and afterward I’m planning to put the design up on Society6.

society6 blankets
Fleece blankets – available now at my Society6 store!

Speaking of Society6, don’t forget that there’s a really good promotion going on now through Sunday at my store! When you visit my Society6 page using this special link, you’ll get free worldwide shipping AND $5 off every item in my store. Now’s a great time to think about ordering if you’ve been interested in any of my stuff but are strapped for cash.

Also, with cold weather starting to settle in around my neck of the woods, I’ve honestly been thinking about getting one of their brand new fleece blankets (pictured on the right). I made sure all of my Gameboy Color artwork has been made available to order as a blanket, along with a few other designs, so there is a pretty good selection available as of now… however, always feel free to comment and let me know if you’d like to see more of my art available on blankets, or any Society6 product, for that matter!

tiny coffin1Finally, I had to share these gems I picked up at Michaels the other day, since there was a huge sale going on for all of their leftover Halloween merchandise. I couldn’t resist picking up a bunch of these cute little coffin-shaped boxes, and at $.39 each, they were a steal! I don’t know when I’ll get around to decorating them, but I have a suspicion that some of them may turn into Christmas presents for my friends. Unless late November turns out to be prohibitively busy for me project-wise, I’ll definitely be talking about these again soon.

That’s about all for this week – as I mentioned above, I’m hoping the next couple of days will have me wrapping up my Krampus artwork for submission, and as soon as I’m done with the finishing touches, that piece will also be available on Society6. I’ll be posting about that, along with more Inktober work, as soon as I can!


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