Post-Halloween update with costumes, autumn photography, and more

halloween collageSo, October turned out to be a pretty turbulent month for me… I didn’t get to finish all of the projects I was working on (thanks in no small part to my sewing machine conking out on me at 3am on Halloween morning), but I did get my costume to a point where I felt it was visually presentable!

This year I went the superhero route and dressed as Miss Martian a.k.a. Megan Morse from the now-cancelled Young Justice tv series. The knit fabric was a real pain to sew with, and I’m thinking the next time I try to do a superhero costume, I’ll start with a morph suit or leotard and sew on whatever else I have to, to save myself some time and money. Still, I’m pretty proud of the makeup job, and given that I completed it from start to finish in about five days, I think I did all right! (As usual, click the image to see it bigger.)

I’m still a little behind on Inktober, but I came up with some fun ideas that I’m going to try to fit into my schedule sometime this month. I ended up really enjoying working with my microns, so you can expect to see the remainder of my Inktober work posted over the next couple of weeks!

Also of note, there’s an awesome promotion going on over at my Society6 right now: When you click this special link, you’ll get free worldwide shipping on your order, PLUS $5 off everything in my store! Now’s an excellent time to shop if you’ve had your eye on my Gameboy color mercy, one of those fancy new ceramic travel mugs, or any of the items featuring my haunted house design. The promotion only lasts until November 8, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long!

Finally, while de-stressing from Halloween, I managed to look up from the sewing table long enough to notice that fall is in full swing where I am. Cue the impromptu photo shoots! My boyfriend Jesse has learned not to be too alarmed when we’re walking and I say something like “Hold up, I need to wander down this creepy, rainy alleyway and take some photos.”

october collage

elgin photography collage2

elgin photography collage1

That’s about all I have for now. I’m planning to use this week to make a dent in some Inktober drawings, as well as a project that fell into my lap earlier today (which, if all goes well, I’ll have details on later this week). More artwork to come soon!


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