Cross-stitch and Inktober

cross stitch_can you not collageI had a pretty quiet day yesterday, which was really nice since it meant I got to make a brand new cross-stitch design! This one is way less vulgar than some of my other cross-stitches, but it was still a fun project to spend my day working on. This design (along with lots of others) is available for purchase at my Etsy store.

Also, since September is finally over, that means Inktober is here again! For those not in the know, Inktober is a month-long challenge that takes place every October, and is open to artists of all skill levels as long as they use ink. It’s technically a daily challenge, since the idea is to make thirty-one drawings over the course of thirty-one days, but it’s perfectly acceptable to post two drawings every other day, or seven once a week… whatever works for the individual artist.

In the past, I’ve wanted to participate, but would usually end up getting too busy and slacking off a few days in. This year, though, I’m drawing with my friends to help keep myself motivated, and I’m hoping to get through the entire challenge this time around. So, for the first day of Inktober, here’s an Ernst Haeckel-inspired jellyfish I doodled last night! I’m a little out of practice with my microns, but it’s definitely not my worst work.

I’ll probably be posting Inktober stuff at least every four or five days, but possibly more often than that if I have the time. I’m going to be spending a lot of my free time this month working on my Halloween costume, so the real challenge might be fitting ink drawings around my costume schedule. Here’s hoping everything goes smoothly!


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