Photography and crochet

IMG_6564Finally got a chance to sit down and go through some of my vacation photos! I got a lot of great opportunities to take pictures of skies and sunsets, which are up there with “abandoned buildings” on my list of favorite things to photograph. IMG_6515-0It was pretty hot out while I was there, so I didn’t get to hike as much as I would have liked, but it rained a lot, so it kind of balanced out.
Most of the photos are from Prescott and Skull Valley, Arizona, though the collage of me climbing on rocks is all made up of photos taken in Granite Dells.

IMG_6566I was really happy with how my photos turned out this trip, and I owe a lot of hat to this new app I downloaded called Pixlr. It has WAY more tools and filters than the editing software that came standard with my iPhone 5c, and it also has a feature that lets me turn photos into a collage, which was incredibly useful for creating images to post both here and on social media (not to mention, it’s super fun to play with). I wouldn’t trade it for my laptop and drawing tablet, but Pixlr turned out to be a pretty good substitute for Photoshop when I had to be away from my computer for two and a half weeks.

Image-1Anyway, enough of me gushing about my new toy. The past week has mostly been me readjusting to life in northern Illinois and celebrating my birthday with friends, so I haven’t gotten many art projects done lately, but I did manage to get my hands on a lot of yarn while I was out of state. The bulky yarn all came from multiple trips to Michaels, where it was on a killer sale for only $2.50 per skein, the Vanna’s Choice skeins were from Joann’s (found during a huge storewide sale), and the Licorice yarn (discontinued) and Incredible ribbon yarn were both found in an old crafts box in my parents’ garage. I’m really excited about the bulky yarn, since Christmas is only a few months off and I’ll probably be crocheting a lot of presents, and it’s so soft and chunky that it’ll be perfect for hats and scarves and whatnot. I’m not totally sure what’s in store for the ribbon yarn just yet… that might have to sit around a while until I find a good project to use it for. If you have any suggestions, please write them in the comments!

Whew, I think that’s all I have so far this week. I’m dropping my artwork off at the gallery in Elgin this Sunday, and hoping to shop for patterns and fabric for Halloween costumes sometime this weekend, too. I’m crossing my fingers that all this will leave me with enough time to do some illustration work of my own soon, so I’m tentatively planning to post some new sketches and in-progress work around the start of October… I’m itching to get back to working with my drawing tablet!


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