Quick post-vacation update

Hey, so… I’m finally back from vacation! I didn’t manage to do much illustration work while I was gone, but I did take lots of photos and I had a great time. I’m still adjusting to being back home, and this weekend is going to be crazy busy, so I may not get to make very many posts right away. That said, I will be trying to put more content up as soon as I get back into the swing of things.

So, first, exciting news! I heard back from the gallery in Elgin, and they said I’d made it into the “Something Wicked” art show! No word yet on which of the pieces I submitted were accepted, but I’m still thrilled and so excited to be showing my work in a gallery again. (In case you missed it, I talked about the artwork I submitted when I made this post. [NSFW])

EDIT: Great news! Just got a response from the gallery, and all three of my pieces were accepted!! Very excited that everything I submitted was so well received.

southwest triptychSpeaking of galleries, turns out the gallery my cousin recommended to me a few posts back has a full schedule until 2017. But, the little Southwestern-themed paintings I did (the ones on the left) won’t be sitting around gathering dust – I gave them to my uncle to display in the gift shop of the art museum where he works! A couple of my skull paintings have already sold there, so I have high hopes for these pieces.

bat_diptychFinally, my Etsy store is back up and running since I’m back in the state, so if you are interested in rude words stitched onto fabric, bones painted on wood panels, or the cute bat paintings I posted about last month (also viewable on the right), you can check out all of that stuff by clicking here, or by clicking the “Etsy store” link in my blog header.


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