Dry bones

This post is about bone-cleaning and may contain text and photos that some readers might find disturbing. All content is hidden under the link. Continue at your own discretion!

So, finally, everything is out of the peroxide and dry. Photo time!
pp cat skull_diptych
First up is the cat skull, which seems to have whitened up nicely since coming out of the peroxide. I looked around online, and the general consensus about gluing bones back together seems to be that, as long as you use a clear-drying glue – NOT superglue, as it’s too easy to make a mistake and be stuck with it (pun intended) – the bones should be fine.

pp cat skull_diptych2I also read an interesting article (found here) about preserving bone collections with a clear finish, either with clear lacquer, a 1/2 water 1/2 glue mixture, or with a clear polyurethane aerosol spray. I think I may try something like that on my bones when I get back from Arizona. The article also includes lots of good information about cleaning bones and preserving teeth, so I’d recommend it to anyone interested in the subject.

sheep skull triptychAnyway, I digress. Moving on to the most recent batch out of the peroxide, which includes the big sheep skull and the leg bones. I’ve had these hanging around for quite a while, since I didn’t have enough peroxide or a container big enough to whiten them until recently, and I thought these whitened all right.

That’s all I have for bones this week… when I get back home, I’ll likely start looking at and experimenting with different methods of preserving bones, so you can expect at least one more bone-related post before the Midwest fall/winter weather starts to set in.


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