southwest triptychEnded up making good progress with a couple of painting projects! First up, some Southwestern-themed designs I drew and transferred to wood panels. I used a pyrography tool to go over the lines and acrylic paint to add color. I wanted to go with something I hadn’t really done before, and I haven’t done landscapes in forever… I’m pretty happy with this one! Skies have always given me trouble, especially when I use traditional media, so I wasn’t expecting to like the end result nearly as much as I do.

bat_diptychAlso, I painted the cute bats I posted about a couple of weeks ago, and I’m super-pleased with how they look. I used acrylic paint for color and micron pens for the lines. I have two originals for sale up on my Etsy store, so if you like the design and want some of my original artwork, check out the listing here! (Quick note: My Etsy store will be on vacation mode as of Tuesday, August 25 while I’m out of state, meaning that purchases can’t be made through my store until I’m back home and am able to pack and ship items again.)

nux flat color quadriptychI also got around to putting down the flat colors on Nux – going back and forth on color palettes a little. I posted my four favorites, since I’m still trying to decide which hair color I like best… at the moment I’m partial to the “dyed” look, where the color of the shaved bits is different than the longer hair.

This is probably one of the last non-bone-related posts I’ll make before I leave for Arizona, but I’ll be checking comments and stuff while I’m gone (and, hopefully, posting sketches and photos if I can). See you guys in a couple of weeks!


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