Catching up

Finally got a chance to sit down and finish writing up this post, which took forever since there was a lot going on this weekend. And, it turns out I’ll be flying out to Arizona next Thursday to visit my family, so there’ll be a couple of weeks coming up where I won’t be very active in terms of progress on my current projects. Instead, I’ll probably try to post some of my photography stuff if I take any artsy photos, if only to keep myself engaged in something creative while I’m gone.

Anyway! Onto the exciting stuff.

D&D character linesSo, other than bone-cleaning, I’ve been spending most of my time trying to plow through the illustration stuff I’ve got sitting around before I have to get on my plane. I finally got around to finishing up the line work on my D&D character, Nux, which I’m pretty happy about! She turned out fairly decent, I think.

cake or death triptychI somehow ended up with several new projects this week, among them being this quick mock-tattoo flash piece. I rewatched Eddie Izzard’s “Dress to Kill” stand up special for the thousandth time a little while ago, and I got this idea stuck in my head from this segment of his show (warning: nsfw language in video). I’ve always wanted to draw something Eddie Izzard-related, so working on this was pretty fun.

skull triptychFinally, I’m jumpstarting a Southwest-themed project that I’m hoping to finish before I leave next week. After seeing some paintings of skulls that I did last year (pictured on the right), one of my cousins offered to hook me up with a gallery in his hometown that shows lots of artwork inspired by the American West. But, since I don’t have very much variety in that area of my portfolio, I’m trying to come up with some more designs that I can paint and get mailed to him, since lugging artwork and supplies in a carry-on bag is not really something I want to do (if I can help it). Worst case, I figure I can probably pick up some cheap brushes and paints and finish my work while I’m out of state, but I’d way rather get everything done and mailed ahead of time.

Whew. I think that’s everything that I’ve been up to recently. This week and the weekend is going to be me sketching and transferring art to the panels for painting, but I’ll try to take some in-progress shots if I can… hopefully that will be a quick project.


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