First post!

So, I was trying to choose what to make my first post about, and then I ended up deciding just to write about everything I’m working on at the moment since it’s a lot of different stuff.

7-25-15_D&D character wm orc sketch_smallOkay tiny bit of background info on these sketches – my fancy boyfriend Jesse has run several D&D campaigns, and, since I love character creation almost as much as playing the actual game, I have different characters in all of them. We just started up a new group that consists of a couple of my college friends where I’m a half-orc bard, and I love my character so much so far that I couldn’t resist doodling her during our session!

Official bio: Since she plays the tuba and loves sparring, her name is Brass Knuckles, or “Knucks/Nux” for short. Nux is also proficient with the glockenspiel, the recorder, the piccolo trombone, and her weapons of choice are her two daggers. She loves art and music, which are the main links to her troubled past as a member of one of the greatest bands the realm had ever known. Despite a painful history and a very personal grudge, she loves making others laugh with her jokes and comes up with puns every chance she gets.

Still thinking about color scheme. Not tooootally happy with the anatomy of the righthand sketch yet, but I’ll tighten everything up when I start inking. can i axe you a questionzom-bee

Also, did a couple of doodles and puns from a different session where I was a tiefling barbarian (click to view bigger).

(I like puns.)

Pretty much the only other major thing I have going on is learning to crochet… I used to knit, but I don’t have my needles any more, and I really wanted to give crochet a try.

crochet_scarf1crochet_photoset1Currently, I’m working on a scarf (my first real project!), and some really basic Granny squares that are going to be crocheted together into a blanket (eventually). So far I’ve used two skeins of bulky wool yarn for the scarf, and it’s about 48-50in long. I’m shooting for about 60in, so it’ll match the length of the other scarves I have.

I’m really liking this so far! I’ve found crochet helps keep my hands busy and keeps me focused, which is really grounding and super effective at helping me cope with my anxiety. And, I get to work while I watch the SyFy channel with Jesse, which is a definite upside.

My one main ongoing project is my recent interest in collecting and cleaning bones. I was thinking I’d keep those updates to completely separate posts, though, since I know some people are sensitive about that sort of thing, and I want this blog to be a safe viewing environment. So, if you’re checking in on this blog and don’t want to see that sort of thing, I’ll be tagging those posts with “bones” and hiding all photos under a “read more” link.


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